Rack Cards Offer an Affordable, Versatile Marketing Tool

Rack cards offer a versatile marketing opportunity that is also very affordable. They are ideal for trade shows and conferences as well.

Perfect Size
The size of rack cards makes them the perfect choice for numerable uses. When displayed in lobbies, foyers and elevator wells you can attract attention while people are bored waiting. Speaking with non-competitive businesses and offering to exchange rack cards printing in San Diego CA can offer you free exposure in your immediate area. You can also then use them as inserts with outgoing client mail or as follow-up/reminder cards to potential clients. They are also the perfect options for trade shows and conferences.

Attract Attention
When designing your rack cards consider how they will be presented and what area of the card will be most visible. Use this area to focus your key message or image to attract attention to your card. Keep in mind they may be placed on a rack with other cards and brochures and you will want yours to stand out from the rest. Choose an enticing word or phrase or an impactful or humorous image.

Brand Effectively
As with every piece of marketing or advertising you send out make sure you are reflecting your brand well from color and logos to wording and images. Although you do want to attract attention make sure you are using something that makes sense to what you do. Using a random unrelated image, no matter how enticing, will just confuse your audience.

Use Space Wisely
You’ll need to attract attention but you will also want to convey a clear message. Make sure you aren’t trying to say too many things at once. Choose to brand yourself, list services and pricing or make an offer with a coupon. Trying to accomplish all three will only confuse your message.

Inform and Educate
Make sure you are providing information about your services, why your services are different from the rest and why your audience can’t live without your services. Clearly show your contact information, website and a contact name when possible to add a personal touch. List your hours as well so people don’t get frustrated trying to contact you when you are closed.

Rack cards offer the perfect print marketing tool for any business.

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