Get Water Pumps In Bellingham WA To Provide For Your Familys Water Needs

Living outside a city or town has its advantages, but there are some services those residents take for granted that rural families must find a way to supply themselves. A clean and reliable water supply is one important service every family needs. In most rural areas, a well is the primary means you and your family have to provide water for drinking, cooking, washing and other necessities. One of the most important components of a well system is the water pump that delivers the water to the home’s faucets. You’ll need to Get Water Pumps In Bellingham WA from a reliable and experienced dealer.

You should have some basic information about your well when you’re ready to choose a water pump. You’ll first need to determine whether to install a shallow-well pump or a deep-well pump. As the names imply, a shallow-well pump should be fitted on a well with a water level of no more than 25 feet below the surface. A deep-well pump is engineered to draw water from 25 feet down or lower into your home. Deep-well pumps do have a limit, though, of about 110 feet below the surface past which they don’t operate well. If the water table is more than 110 feet below the surface, you’ll want to install a submersible pump. It will pull water from as much as 400 feet below the surface.

The size of the water pump is also crucial. A pump that is too small won’t handle the demands of cooking, washing and other family activities. A pump that is too large will waste energy. Most homes with three bedrooms or four bedrooms require a pump that can draw between 8 and 12 gallons of water per minute. Each fixture in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry room as well as outdoor fixtures use one gallon of water per minute. Adding these numbers will give you a good idea of the water capacity your pump will need to draw.

Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc. has served Bellingham WA for many years. The company provides around-the-clock service provided by knowledgeable and trained technicians who receive ongoing training and field experience. If you’re ready to start building a home or need to upgrade your system, Get Water Pumps In Bellingham WA from Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc.

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