Getting Comfortable with Student Apartments in a New City in Georgia

Jun 08, 21 Getting Comfortable with Student Apartments in a New City in Georgia

Starting college and moving to student apartments is an exciting step to take. By doing this, you are making progress towards your career and your life as an adult. However, you can feel frightened if you are moving to a new city on your own.

Without friends, family or familiar surroundings, you could feel overwhelmed and lonely. These feelings can’t prevent you from performing as well as you should. In order to stay on track, here are ways to get comfortable while living in a new city

Get Acclimated

A new city will feel foreign to you until you learn more about it. The more familiar you get with the area, the less overwhelming it will be. Off-campus housing near UGA is situated in a key area with access to significant landmarks, shopping, and entertainment. Meet with other residents and tour the city, so you learn about your new surroundings. You can also read community blogs and review local papers to gain more information.

Meet Neighbors

Off-campus housing near UGA is filled with bright, friendly people around your age. Rather than hiding away in your room, get out to meet the others in your community. Instead of just hanging in the common area of your apartment, visit the other spaces instead. Invite your roommates to the gym, pool, basketball or tennis courts.

The managing team at off-campus housing near UGA is used to meeting students from various cities around Georgia. Feel free to ask for help from River Club.

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