Has the Time Come to Switch to Winter Bridgestone Tires in Paramus, NJ?

New Jersey, like most northeastern states, sees its fair share of bad weather during the winter months and drivers find they must continue with their daily routine even when the local roads aren’t in great condition. For this reason, many turn to Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ that are made to handle ice and snow with ease, but they do much more than this. They are created to ensure they remain flexible when temperatures drop and the driver notices better braking, handling, and traction when using Blizzak Bridgestone Tires Paramus NJ.

How do you know if the time has come to switch to winter tires? As many places in the country now regularly see freezing temperatures, this may be the most confusing part of the entire process. An easy way to tell if you need to make the switch is to breathe out while outside. If you can see your breath when doing so, put your winter tires on. Don’t assume because you have all-season tires that you are good. They aren’t designed to handle low temperatures.

All-season tires are made to handle wet and dry conditions, but the tread becomes stiff when the temperatures hover near freezing or drop down below this mark. In contrast, winter tires incorporate traction specifically designed for these weather conditions and the compound in the tread remains flexible. Furthermore, the tread on the tires works to grip ice and snow so you find it easier to keep your car on the road when driving conditions deteriorate, a common problem in New Jersey. No stud is needed when ice is present on the road, and these tires can handle slush, ice, snow, and dry conditions with ease.

Even if you can’t see your breath when you are outside, there are other ways to know if the time has come to switch to winter tires. When temperatures drop to near freezing, you’ll want to make the switch. The same is true if you are heading out to do some skiing or your dark colored car appears to be covered in snow when it’s not. As soon as you see the first snowplow of the season, pull out the winter tires. If in doubt, talk to your mechanic at Hudson Tire Exchange Inc. He or she will be happy to assist you in making the call as to which tires are right for the car and the season.


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