Heating a Screened-In Porch During Winter Is a Fantastic Option if Done Correctly

Nov 12, 19 Heating a Screened-In Porch During Winter Is a Fantastic Option if Done Correctly

Having a screened-in porch is literally the best of two worlds – all the comforts of indoors while staying connected with the natural environment. In the past, porches were effectively unusable in the winter here, and heating options were far too expensive for all but the wealthiest.

The good news is that a lot has changed in recent years. A top heating contractor in Rockford, IL, recommends infrared wall and ceiling heaters for comfort and safety. They are also much less expensive than having a gas or wood fireplace installed – or a full heating system.

The Problem with Do-It-Yourself Options

There are a few other options for heating a screened porch in Rockford, IL. The problem is that they are not considered safe or efficient by the experts. One previously favored method is propane heaters, but they can be a major fire hazard. Anything you can do to avoid an open flame will reduce your risks.

Tabletop heaters can work for very small areas, but for anything larger than a mid-sized closet, you’ll need several. They can tax your electrical lines and draw a large amount of power for the small amount of heat they provide.

Another option is fire pits. These are portable fire holders with a bowl or depression to hold burning wood or gas. Bonfires are a fun way to enjoy the outdoors, but not under a roof! Toxic chemicals from the wood or gas, including carbon monoxide, get trapped in a screened-in porch, and without a stiff breeze, you’ll be breathing them in. Plus, even a small pit will cause harm to the ceiling after a prolonged period.

Infrared Heating Is the Hottest New Trend 

Heating in Rockford, IL, is no joke; surviving the winter here is something locals take pride in. Modern innovations in infrared heating make this option by far the safest and most economical for semi-enclosed outdoor areas. Ask a trusted heating contractor in Rockford, IL, about how you can enjoy your porch all year long – without spending an arm, leg or any other body part.

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