Help for Aging Dogs with a Pet Hospital in Fort Bend County

Dec 04, 18 Help for Aging Dogs with a Pet Hospital in Fort Bend County

Your pet needs care during its entire life. As pets age, however, they may begin to have more health issues. Sometimes, dogs have health issues that are specific to their breed. This may include joint issues, eye disease, or certain cancers. An experienced vet knows what to look out for as your dog ages. An animal hospital can help with detailed tests and ongoing care.

Large Dogs

Large dogs often have trouble with their joints as they grow older. If they are not fed a proper diet during their first year, the chances of hip dysplasia can rise. Dogs complete most of their growing in the first year. This fast growth is what contributes to the problem. You can get care for these issues at a reputable pet hospital in Fort Bend County. This may include physical therapy, medication, or joint fluid modifiers. Large dogs often do not live as long as smaller breeds, either. It is a good idea to have a pet hospital in mind as your dog begins to age.


Unfortunately, cancer is common in many breeds of dogs. In Boxers, lumps may form that are called mast cell tumors. Owners of this breed may have several surgeries at a pet hospital over the years. Mast cell tumors and cysts must be tested for cancerous cells. They are removed to reduce the risk of the cancer spreading to the rest of the body. Other common canine cancers are lymphoma, osteosarcoma, and mammary gland carcinoma. Ongoing care is available at an animal hospital. Visit for more information.

As your dog ages, they may need more medical care. Good preventative care during their younger years can help them age better. Early detection of illnesses often makes it easier to treat. Pay attention to changes in your dog’s behavior. They often act differently when they are not feeling well.

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