Help, I Can’t Stop the Car

Mar 03, 12 Help, I Can’t Stop the Car

Imagine driving down a freeway and suddenly discovering that your car is moving faster even though you’re easing up on the accelerator. All of a sudden, you’re no longer speeding along, safely in control; you’re hurtling towards a serious – or possibly fatal – car accident. If you’re lucky enough to survive the experience, you might wonder if the car manufacturer could have done something to prevent the accident and consider contacting a lawyer. You wouldn’t be alone. In Pennsylvania and around the country, drivers are facing the rare but terrifying phenomenon known as sudden unintended acceleration (SUA).

The causes of SUA remain a subject of controversy but are commonly blamed on correctable mechanical and design flaws. According to auto manufacturers, a major contributor in many SUA accidents is the floor mat, which can come unsecured and trap the acceleration pedal. Indeed, the prevalence of SUA-related accidents has prompted many floor-mat recalls and warnings to drivers to be sure their cars are fitted with properly sized and anchored floor mats. But critics say that floor mats or faulty pedal designs are not solely to blame when a car suddenly accelerates. Other culprits under consideration include anti-lock braking software, electronic throttle systems, cruise control malfunctions, and driver error.

In fact, the data surrounding SUA and its role in car accidents is complex, conflicting, and under intense scrutiny by government investigators, lawyers, and auto manufacturers alike. The problem has drawn widespread attention, culminating in a series of Congressional hearings to address whether mandatory safety legislation for auto design was warranted. A number of lawsuits related to SUA-prompted accidents continue to make their way through the courts as lawyers in Pennsylvania and around the country continue to look for ways to compensate victims for sometimes devastating losses. Meanwhile, SUA problems have resulted in numerous recalls, costing auto companies billions.

What should you do if your vehicle suddenly accelerates? Don’t panic. Shift into neutral, and if that doesn’t work, turn off the ignition. Be aware that turning off the ignition while moving at a high speed is extremely dangerous as it may cause you to lose control of the vehicle. But very few SUA accidents result in serious injury or fatalities, and most incidents occur without damage to the vehicle or driver.

If you’re a Pennsylvania driver, chances are you won’t experience SUA. It’s helpful to know about, but its role in car accidents is limited to a very small percentage overall. Still, if you should find yourself in an SUA emergency that ends in an accident, or if you witness one, don’t be surprised to hear from a lawyer.

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