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Based on recent statistics well over 65 percent of the SSI and SSDI claims are denied on the first application, furthermore, about 85 percent or more continue to be denied when reconsideration is requested; reconsideration being the first level of appeal.

There are three levels of appeal; reconsideration is the first, a hearing is the second and finally the Appeals Council can review the application. To help improve your chances a SSI disability attorney in Mississippi can work with you not only when the original application is made but at the various appeals levels as well. Your attorney can help you put together all the evidence that will prove to be critical when it comes time for the SSA to establish the severity of your disability. Your attorney can also help by getting opinions from the medical practitioners and hospitals that have been providing your treatment and care.

Although an attorney can help you with the initial application the truth is, many applications are still denied and will by necessity carry on to the second appeal stage which is held in front of an administrative judge. It is at this level that having a seasoned SSI disability attorney in Mississippi can be very helpful in winning the claim. Although no attorney can give you a 100 percent guarantee that you will eventually be awarded benefits, an experienced disability attorney can most certainly guarantee that your case will be developed properly for presentation in front of the administrative judge.

Developing the case:

Although the SSA provide a great deal of background information to claimants, the truth is, most SSI and SSDI claimants have little idea of what is required and how to prepare properly for a hearing. A seasoned attorney on the other hand has a high degree of familiarity with the appeals process including the rules, regulations, policies and procedures that must be followed to the letter.

A SSI disability attorney in Mississippi works on a contingency basis, simply meaning that the attorney is only paid should you win your case, they work exceedingly hard to ensure your claim has an excellent chance at success. The attorney’s responsibilities include finding and gathering all the important medical records, copies of any and all tests that you have been subjected to, arrange for statements of opinion by your physicians and medical facilities where you have been treated.

Although it is possible to win a claim on their own, the truth is the odds of winning are far less than when you hire an attorney well versed in the system.

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