Hiring Residential HVAC Contractors in Richmond

Feb 15, 21 Hiring Residential HVAC Contractors in Richmond

You will want to find the right residential HVAC contractor company before you need them. Do not wait until your heater dies in the middle of winter or your air conditioner stops working on a 90-degree day. That way, you have time to ask friends and family who they use, consult with local contractors, and compare services and pricing. Many companies offer free in-home consultations, so have a couple of them come into your home to see what they have to say about your current system. They will evaluate your home heating and air conditioning, and as they do so, you can evaluate their knowledge and professionalism.

Ask questions about the entire workforce of residential HVAC contractors in Richmond, including questions like:

What training have your technicians had, and are they certified? This will let you know about their commitment to bringing you the latest in energy efficient technology.

How long has your office staff been with the company? This will give you an idea about how well they know the company and how things work there.

Who are your consultants, and how well do they know the business? This will tell you if the people helping you decide on products know the processes and if everything will work together.

What is your average wait time for service after a call? This will tell you how responsive they are and if they provide 24/7 service in case of emergencies.

If the company hesitates to answer your questions or gives you answers you are not comfortable with, you need to keep searching to find another company.

Make sure the company you choose to do business with is a full-service company. You can look them up online before you call them to see what services they provide. W.G. Speeks, Inc. can provide sales, repairs, installations, and maintenance for all your heating, air conditioning, and duct system needs. You do not want to have to deal with one company to buy your appliances or systems, and then another to service them. You want consistency of service from a company you can trust to be there if your heater dies in the middle of winter. Find a company before you need one so you can be all set to call them when you do.

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