How Electrical Wiring in Newnan GA Transmits Electricity To Your Home

Jan 21, 21 How Electrical Wiring in Newnan GA Transmits Electricity To Your Home

How does electricity flow from the power company to your light switch?

Electricity depends on metal wiring. Electrical wiring in Newnan GA carries electricity from its point of origin to your electrical appliance.

First of all, the electricity is generated at the power plant, most often through burning coal. Electricity can also be generated by hydro-electric power and windmills. Once it is generated, the electricity is transmitted through a complex distribution system and then travels over wires into your home. These wires may be strung from the high utility poles that line our streets and highways, or they may be buried underground.

Before it enters your home, electricity first passes through a meter that measures how much electricity you are using so that the power company can bill you accordingly.

Once it enters your home, electricity is routed first to a central breaker panel that distributes electricity throughout your house. This panel is also known as a fuse box. Electricity travels through your house over electrical wiring. These wires direct the electricity through a complex system of circuits that distribute voltage where it is needed, to large appliances that require more power as well as to outlets where lamps and other lower voltage machines may be plugged in.

Flipping the on-switch opens a pathway for the electricity to flow into your light bulb or other appliance.

Electrical wiring is typically color coded to indicate whether the wire is hot or neutral or ground. Hot wires carry the electrical current, and they are usually black, but sometimes red or white. Neutral wires are usually white, and they are less likely to give a shock if touched because they are connected to the ground. Ground wires, either bare or green, protect an appliance from getting too much electricity if a metal part is touched by a hot wire.

Electrical wiring is regulated by both national and local safety codes. These codes may determine the colors used to identify wires in different areas.

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