How often should a house cleaning service visit your home?

Nov 30, 21 How often should a house cleaning service visit your home?

Your house is a bunch of things; it’s a place that you come home to, a place where you eat; a place where you sleep as well as relax. In the process of living in your home, things get dirty and messy and house cleaning has to be done. The question, when to consider a professional house cleaning service in Richmond, VA and how frequently should the service visit your home?

The answer to this question is difficult, everybody’s circumstances are different. In addition, there are tasks that must be completed on different schedules. Some things need to be accomplished daily, others weekly and still others only on demand. Most people hire a professional house cleaning service in Richmond, VA to keep their home clean and tidy. When you consider what needs to be done to keep a home in tip top shape; clean and sanitary, every room in the house is different.

Most people wipe the shower walls and hang the towels to dry on a daily basis as a matter of routine. However, a thorough weekly cleaning is recommended. At this time the shower and bathtub should be scrubbed with a disinfectant, rubbing them down with a sponge and wiping clean with a towel. The inside and outside of the toilet bowl should be cleaned, the inside of the bowl with a brush. The sink and counter surfaces need to be cleaned well. The mirror needs to be cleaned and polished, the walls need to be cleaned of any splash marks and finally the floor needs to be mopped.

To avoid bacteria from taking over, the kitchen needs a complete cleaning weekly. All appliances should be cleaned and any old food left in the refrigerator needs to be disposed of. The interior of the microwave needs to be cleaned, the sink and drain need disinfecting and all the work surfaces, table and chairs need cleaning. The floor should be swept and mopped.

Every week, bed linen needs to be changed and the room dusted and vacuumed. A damp cloth will clean venetian blinds, window sills, baseboards and the blades of any fans.

Living areas:
The living areas should be treated similar to the bedrooms. Vacuum the carpets and soft furnishings, dust all surfaces and nick-knacks and if there is a pet in the house, use a lint brush to collect any hair.

Laundry may be a task which is done once or twice during the week by the homeowner and then a major undertaking, including ironing done, once a week.

During the week when house cleaning is not being done, there will still be routine chores such as making the beds and washing the dishes, but with the heavy work being completed by others, the little daily routines are not a major issue. Contact Royal Cleaning Services for professional house cleaning in Richmond, VA.

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