How to Choose the Right Towable Tube

by | Dec 5, 2014 | Water Sports

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Nothing says summer fun like gliding behind a boat on a towable tube. But how do you choose the right tube for your needs? Before you invest in any water towable, it’s important to shop around and consider your needs. You may have seen a large round tube on the lake or river and thought it looked like fun. However, this doesn’t mean that style is the exact fit for how you want to enjoy the ride. Below are some tips to help you choose the right tube to maximize your fun on the water.

Single or Multi-Rider Options

When you head out for a day on the water, do you go with a large group of people or is it just you and a friend? If you know a lot of people tag along, or you have a large family, then you probably want a multi-rider towable tube. This way, friends can ride together or younger and older siblings can ride at the same time. Some people feel more secure riding with a friend, so having a double seater is ideal for most people. If your group number tends to change, you can choose a flat rider that can seat multiple people but works well as a single rider, too.

Picking a Style

There are a few different styles of tubes, and the most popular seems to be the round shaped tubes that can seat multiple people. There is also a longer, narrower, style that allows riders to straddle the seat and hold on to a handle bar while being towed. Other styles allow riders to sit, lie, or kneel while being towed. How you sit on the tube affects your comfort during the ride. If you have small children, a tube with seats or pockets works well because it provides a feeling of security and a smoother ride.

Some people can’t choose just one style and invest in two types of tubes. Owning more than one towable tube allows you to choose just the right one for your planned day on the lake. You can purchase a slower, smoother style for those not into speed and a flatter, rougher style for those who really want to feel the bumps and turns.

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