What Can You Do With A Paddleboard In Charleston SC?

Jul 31, 15 What Can You Do With A Paddleboard In Charleston SC?

This depends upon what you actually expect a paddleboard (sometimes written as two words – paddle board) to be. It is a relatively new word relating to the field of water sports that grew out of the sport or activity of surfing the ocean’s waves.

Paddle Out Beyond The Waves

To a layman, the word “surfer” conjures up an image of someone standing up on a surfboard while riding a big wave back to the shore – usually with the wave arching up behind them. However, for them to do this; they must first get out from the shoreline to a point where they are behind the incoming breaking waves. To do this, they usually lie prone on their board and use both arms as paddles to propel themselves out to sea. Sometimes, they might choose to kneel on the board to provide extra impetus to their “paddle strokes”.

Paddling Further Afield

Avid surfers developed this further to allow them to cross stretches of open ocean and make an actual journey from “A” to “B”; possibly crossing breaking surf en-route. Standard boards can be used for this but improved, special, boards began to be developed for this specific purpose and these were the first true paddleboards. It should be noted that, in the strict sense, no actual paddles are used; motion is provided purely by arm power with hands and forearm dipping in and out of the water. The participant can choose between prone and kneeling positions.

Replace Hands With Paddles

As with a surfboard, it is possible to stand up on, or, sit astride an early example of the paddleboard; but, to then use a single or double bladed oar type paddle (like those used in canoes or kayaks), can give rise to stability and balance problems. Fortunately, only relatively minor adjustments are required to the basic board in order to overcome these problems. Once this was sorted out, a new variation became available.

Stand Up Paddle Surfing

This grew out of surfing so the above name is not incorrect; but, since it is not likely to be used simply to get beyond the waves, stand up paddle boarding; or SUP for short is, perhaps a better descriptive name. Particularly since this type of paddleboard can be used both on the open sea and to explore up estuaries; or navigate inland waterways, lakes and harbors. A board with some short fins beneath it does not require any great depth of water.

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