How to Get Dentures in Watertown TN

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Dentistry

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If you have a problem with the health of your teeth, then it may be time to consider getting dentures. Dentures are a great alternative to living without teeth if you have a health issue that forces you to have your teeth removed. While the process of getting dentures may seem overwhelming, they can be an easy and affordable option to more invasive dental treatments. Don’t waste your hard earned money when you can get the quality smile you have always wanted by getting new dentures.

The process of getting dentures can differ by dentist, but will generally follow these three basic steps.

Initial Consultation

One of the first things to be completed when getting dentures Watertown TN is a full exam. The doctor will look at your gums and determine if your mouth is health enough for dentures and if you will need any additional work prior to having your dentures created. They will also conduct x-rays to look for any problem areas, and they will ask you for information relating to your past personal health and any family health issues that should be considered.


After the consultation the doctor will then determine what work needs to be done prior to getting your dentures made. This will include any work to your gums and removing any teeth. This will delay when you will get your dentures, but helps ensure that they will fit comfortable. Don’t let a dentist talk you into having dentures installed over problem teeth and gums. Make sure they keep your health and well being as their focus during treatment.

Fitting the Dentures

After the work is completed, it will be time to have your dentures Watertown TN fitted so they properly and comfortably fit in your mouth. During this time the doctor will have you bite down on several different surfaces to help determine if they are fitting properly. It will take some time to get use to eating with dentures, but with patience and a little help from your doctor you can be back to eating normally in no time.

Get the smile you have always wanted. Talk to your doctor about getting dentures today.

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