How to know you are ready for your Driving Test

If you have been practising driving in preparation for your driving test how will you know when you are ready to pass? Many drivers make the mistake of scheduling their driving test before they are ready to succeed based on false feelings of confidence and comfort. Here are some tips to help you know you really are ready to take your driving test.


Many younger drivers have great confidence when driving or so they think. It is common to feel like you own the road when you are young and anxious to get your license. However, false confidence can be your downfall when it comes to passing your test. You want your confidence to come from experience, not from being cocky. You want to be confident you know the roads, understand proper driving techniques and most of all you understand what it takes to drive safely and follow the rules.


Feeling comfortable behind the wheel is one of the best signs you are ready for your driving test. The road test is the ultimate test to check your ability and understanding of the laws. If you feel comfortable when driving, this is a good sign. However are you also comfortable with the rules? If you find driving 50 in the zone closest to your home seems too slow because you know it is not a busy road you might feel “comfortable” speeding up a little for example. Your comfort should come from your knowledge of the rules and your ability to follow them, not with trying to adjust the rules because you feel comfortable driving.


When you develop good drivers’ instinct you will be able to anticipate danger as well as understand how to manoeuvre away from it. You will automatically slow down when approaching lights and stop signs and easily spot changes to posted speeds. You will pay attention to pedestrians and read their cues to avoid accidents. You will pay attention to all of the signs on the road so you are always following the rules. Being able to instinctively have your eyes on the road, watch for danger and drive with caution and safety is the best sign you are ready to pass your driving test.

When in doubt ask your instructor or the person who has been assisting you with your practice driving. They can offer an honest opinion if you are ready to pass your driving test or not.


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