Ice Luges – Long Island’s Hottest Trend

Are you planning a special event? Do you need something to make that anniversary party special? Have you considered adding one or more ice luges? Long Island hosts now consider them part of the latest menu for any successful party or event.

Ice Luges

For those who are confused easily, ice luges in Long Island are not the sport. The sport of Luge is dangerous and requires considerable skill by its one or two athletes to maneuver safely and swiftly down the hill. However, ice luges, while the chilled drink contents are meant to go down smoothly, are not really dangerous – unless you overindulge. What the two do have in common is the need for a cold, smooth, surface. In Luge, this is a snow covered and packed slope; in ice luge, this is a block of ice.

From a Block of Ice

In essence, ice luges are blocks of ice. They are made to serve cold drinks by either cutting a channel on the exterior or by placing within the ice block, tubes. The drinking tubes will have a funnel providing for easy pouring of the beverages. You can ask for or provide more than one track or tube. This allows for more drinks and even can lead to drinking games played by your guests.

Ice luges can be made at home. You can find directions online as to how to make simple devices that qualify as ice luges. You can purchase mold from which to create the basic form or forms you want. You can shape, carve and cut to provide a basic luge. It will feature an entrance for the beverage at the top. The drink will flow from there to the bottom. At that point, it will flow into a glass or container of some sort or an individual’s mouth.

The best ones, however, are not made, they are created. A professional ice sculptor takes a giant block of ice and turns it into a thing of beauty that can cool and serve drinks. It is practical, functional and wonderful to look at. The ice luge made by an artist is more than a giant cooler. It is a decorative device, a conversation piece, and something guests will talk about long after the last drink makes its way down the tube and into the throat.

Go ahead and add ice luges to Long Island and New York parties. They are the perfect decorative and practical touch for any event. Whether you create your own or go for a custom design, it makes you and your event part of the hottest coolest drink trend.

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