Information About Pet Surgery And Emergencies With Veterinarians In Tucson

If you’re the owner of a cat or dog, it’s essential that you get the best veterinary treatment you can for their well being in AZ. Whether for an emergency or just a routine health check, your pets deserve the very best care from a trustworthy and caring team. Below are common questions that Veterinarians in Tucson are often asked about pet surgeries and emergencies.

Q.) What will I have to do to prepare my pet for a surgical procedure and what will happen on the day of the surgery?

A.) The night before the surgery, don’t let your pet eat anything after 10 o’clock in the evening. You’ll have to drop your pet off at the animal hospital in the morning and make sure that he’s on a leash or in a pet carrier. Before you leave, you’ll have to fill out the necessary paperwork and the veterinarian will do a health check on your pet prior to the surgery. After the procedure is finished, you’ll receive a phone call for an update on your pet’s surgery. In the late afternoon, when your pet has had plenty of recovery time, you can pick your pet up at the clinic.

Q.) What should I do if I have an emergency and my pet needs to see a veterinarian immediately?

A.) If the emergency happens during regular business hours, call the office and bring him to clinic as quickly as possible. Ask your veterinarian for an emergency number to call if you have a pet emergency after regular office hours. If your pet has a snake or scorpion bite, this is an emergency and you should get him to the clinic as quickly as possible. If your dog has had contact with the toxin of a Colorado River Toad, he also needs to see Veterinarians in Tucson as soon as he can. If your pet has had a run in with a cactus and he has numerous quills embedded in his skin, he should also be treated by a veterinarian.

Ina Road Animal Hospital in AZ offers routine animal care, surgical procedures, emergency treatment and micro chip implantation for cats and dogs.

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