Is Your Dog in Need of Veterinary Care?

Jan 10, 19 Is Your Dog in Need of Veterinary Care?

Logan Square is a serene Chicago, Illinois community that features chic eateries, soothing lounges and fascinating venues of all kinds. There are also many pet owners in and around the Windy City neighborhood. Finding a reputable Logan Square veterinarian isn’t hard for locals. Village West Veterinary is a highly regarded veterinary practice that concentrates on senior assistance, urgent situations, health assessments, behavior guidance, surgery, hospice care and more. The proficient professionals who work for Village West Veterinary include Dr. Andria Miller, Dr. Bruce Silverman and Dr. Stephanie Warren. These veterinarians aid pets of all kinds with many medical issues.

Is Your Dog Feeling Under the Weather?

If you have any concerns that involve your dog’s health, you should seek veterinary care for him without a second of deliberation. Prompt veterinary attention can in many cases stop issues from intensifying. Dogs that are ill often seem particularly lethargic. If your dog seems to have zero energy, something may be wrong with his health. Other telltale indications are panting, immoderate thirst, drooling, loose stools, throwing up, nausea, unpleasant breath, loss of appetite and urinating too much. If your terrier seems to want to have nothing to do with her breakfast, lunch or dinner, then you need to set up an appointment with a veterinarian right away. Inappetence is in many cases linked to health conditions in canines.

Contact Village West Veterinary for All Appointment Scheduling Requirements

Responsible pet owners need to prioritize the wellness of their furry friends. If you’re searching for a Logan Square veterinarian who can assess and treat your pet well, then you should contact our office now. Our team members are caring, detail-oriented and accommodating professionals who have expansive backgrounds with dogs of all varieties. You can view our website at

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