Keep Your Water Flowing Freely With Water Main Replacement in Alexandria, VA

Your home is supplied fresh (potable) water from a single line generally connected to a municipal water supply. In most instances this line is run underground and connects to the home directly outside the foundation or in the basement. This is usually where the house’s water shut off valve is located. In many cases you rarely have to concern yourself with this connection until you notice your water bill rising or your yard begins to get soggy.

In most cases a home will only need Water Main Replacement in Alexandria, VA when the main line has frozen or some outside influence has caused damage to the pipes. In areas where freezing temperatures are common the ground can get cold enough to cause the water main to develop small cracks and begin leaking. When warmer weather comes around those cracks will allow water to seep out. Even pin holes leaks in the pipe are enough to allow the water to escape because the water to your home is under pressure, usually between twenty to forty PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

In homes where the water main is run under the driveway the excess water leakage will cause the heavy concrete to shift. The weight of the concrete could be enough to cause the pipe to break and require extensive repairs. In many instances of freezing weather the pipe can also break and need replacement. In the majority cases it is best to replace this pipe completely. By running a new line you can be sure the water main will last longer and avoid the possible problem of other damage in the pipe.

Depending on where the house is situated on your property and where the water main leads from the municipal line this pipe can be quite long. To keep costs down your plumber will run the line as short as possible. Likewise, they will probably suggest you just leave the old line in place and simply run a new pipe. Considering how much it would cost for a commercial contractor to dig out the old pipe this makes sense. However, not all Water Main Replacement in Alexandria, VA will require the same repairs and quality contractors such as All Plumbing Inc. will be able to keep costs down by making only the repairs your situation requires.

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