Keeping Animals Away From Waste Disposal in Minneapolis MN

Dec 13, 19 Keeping Animals Away From Waste Disposal in Minneapolis MN

When a person purchases a home in a wooded area, they will need to take additional steps in protecting Waste Disposal in Minneapolis MN. Failing to take the proper steps to keep garbage contained properly can lead to a mess on someone’s front lawn if wildlife takes it upon themselves to try to gain entry to cans. Here are some ways garbage can be kept in cans until it can be picked up by a garbage removal service.

It is important to bag garbage with two bags rather than just one when living in the woods. This will help keep the smell of the trash in the cans from becoming too odorous. When animals are able to smell trash, they will try to get inside of cans. Spraying the bags with a vinegar and water solution can also help minimize odor. Cleaning out the cans every few weeks with a garden hose can also help eliminate any smells left behind from fragrant items.

Having cans with lids that lock into place can keep trash inside. If a lid can be lifted from a can easily, it can be knocked over and items will be in reach of wildlife. If the homeowner does not have the right cans to hold their trash, they can place a large stone on top of each lid to help keep it in place. Garbage can cart can also be helpful when living in this type of environment.

Placing cans inside a shed or garage is best when waiting for garbage pickup day. They can then be brought to the curb on the day of service. If the garbage is picked up when it is still not light outdoors, it is a wise idea to place solar-powered lights nearby. These will help illuminate the area, keeping animals from getting too close to the trash as a result.

If someone needs more ideas about how to keep animals away from Waste Disposal in Minneapolis MN, they can ask a refuse collection service. Contact Mudek Trucking and J J Recycling to schedule service when moving to a new area if desired.

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