Trusted Source of Funding for Small to Medium Sized Businesses in the U.S.

Dec 13, 19 Trusted Source of Funding for Small to Medium Sized Businesses in the U.S.

The financial health of a small business is key to the future of that small business. Sufficient working capital is essential to its survival. This is something many small businesses struggle to attain since, in most cases, they have not existed long enough to accumulate a significant amount of capital. Funding from outside sources can help businesses get started and/or help them bridge the gap between customer orders and supplier payments. They can also enable the purchase of an asset, such as new machinery or vehicles. Small business financing helps small businesses cover expenses and grow themselves over time. But what kind of financing and how?

A merchant cash advance (MCA) is like a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for a certain percentage of future sales. It is not a loan and it has different repayment options. Small business owners often use these because they are quick and require relatively little paperwork. Not to be used as a first resort, but it is a great option for many small to medium sized businesses.

Small business financing is easier to find than ever. Rose Capital Funding specializes in helping merchants reach success. We offer MCAs and other financial help to small and medium sized businesses in the U.S. We know that banks are not always willing to lend and we have a background that allows us to create an offer competitive solutions. Our values and experience are what make us a better choice. For more information, please visit

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