Kitchen Remodeling in Troy MI – Expert Advice

May 31, 21 Kitchen Remodeling in Troy MI – Expert Advice

Remodeling your kitchen is a great idea if you want to change things up a bit. The kitchen is often referred to as the “heart of your home.” It needs to be comfortable, yet functional. Since you will be spending a great deal of your time in the kitchen, you need to make sure that it is relaxing. You don’t want to huff and puff while cooking.

The kitchen needs to be properly ventilated, and you will also need to place countertops. Depending upon whether you want an island design or simply want to place countertops around the sides, and choose the right material for it too. If you want, you can also hire a designer that offers services pertaining to kitchen remodel Troy MI. However, if you want to remodel your kitchen by yourself, here are a few tips that will help you out:

Wider Walkways

If you have opted for an island design, you need to make sure that the walkways aren’t narrow. All the paths throughout the kitchen should be spacious enough for at least two people to walk side by side. While the walkways around the kitchen should be approximately 36 inches wide, make sure the path near the cooking zone is at least 42 inches in width. If you have chosen a two-cook configuration, increase the width to 50 inches.

Choosing the Countertops

The next step is to choose the countertops. Countertops are commonly made from granite and marble. If you have read any books on kitchen remodeling, you should know that most people opt for granite. That’s because granite looks naturally beautiful and is available in a multitude of different designs, shades, and colors. Furthermore, granite also increases home value. Even though it is slightly more expensive at the time of purchase, you will get your money’s worth in case you ever decide to sell off your house. If you want something unique and distinctive, go for granite countertops.

Talk to an Expert

Even though you will do everything on your own, it doesn’t hurt to talk to an expert and get some professional tips. Invite over a kitchen remodeling expert in your home and show them around. Discuss your plans with them and ask for some tips and advice. Depending upon your plans, the expert will give you some really important tips that might help. There’s no alternative for experience, so it really doesn’t hurt to talk to somebody who remodels kitchens for a living.

Before you start remodeling, purchase a few kitchen design books and have a quick look. It will give you an idea of the latest trends in the world of kitchen design.

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