School on a Shoestring: Inexpensive DIY Materials for Your Classroom

May 31, 21 School on a Shoestring: Inexpensive DIY Materials for Your Classroom

Is your classroom budget tight? If you’re like most teachers, the answer is a resounding yes, but classroom materials don’t have to cost an arm and a leg to be fun and engaging. From easy-to-use printable classroom poster templates to crafty personalized portfolios, here are three inexpensive teaching tools that you can make yourself.

Interactive Models

What can your students learn from a handful of Styrofoam and some wires? With a little creativity and some elbow grease, they can learn about the solar system, the parts of a cell or how the human brain works. If you can’t afford those fancy 3D models from educational supply catalogues, put on your crafty hat and create your own.

Educational Posters

Posters are another classroom material that can rack up a big bill from a supply store, but they’re super easy to make with just a printer and a classroom poster template. You can download a wide variety of templates for free from the internet and teacher resource sharing groups, or try creating your own original posters from scratch.


Your students and their parents will love having a collection of all the hard work they accomplished throughout the year, so create custom portfolios to showcase it. Have your students design their own portfolio covers and place them in a clear binder. Collect each student’s best essays, drawings and papers over the school year, and assemble all their best highlights in the portfolio.

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