Lawn Care Experts: Other Reasons to Hire a Tree Service in Spokane

Mar 14, 19 Lawn Care Experts: Other Reasons to Hire a Tree Service in Spokane

Property owners are familiar with the amount of work it takes to keep a lawn looking its best. Hiring a professional Tree Service in Spokane is often the easiest way to ensure the lawn remains healthy and beautiful. In addition to caring for trees, customers can choose from a variety of other helpful lawn services.


Bushes and trees need to be pruned regularly. Failure to do so will not only cause the landscape to become overgrown, but it may even compromise the health of the surrounding plants. A tree and lawn expert should be used to make sure all plants are properly pruned.

Unkempt trees and bushes may become dangerous. Loose branches may fall and damage either the property or a person. A professional knows how to trim away overgrowth without endangering the rest of the plant. Pruning also increases the lifespan of the landscape.

Weed Removal

Weeds are very common, and if they aren’t controlled, they will eventually overtake the lawn. A local tree service in Spokane is the place to call for weed removal and prevention. Landscape professionals will remove any current weeds. They may even treat the lawn with special weed control chemicals.

In addition to removing all unwanted weeds, a landscape professional will also fertilizer the lawn, trees, and bushes. Weeds are less likely to invade a healthy lawn, so it’s important to fully fertilize the entire property every season.

Pest Control

Many lawn professionals offer pest control services to their customers. Spiders, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects are very common. Unfortunately, these pests may harm people, pets, and even the surrounding plants. A pest control expert is needed to treat the area for these commonly found intruders.

Sprinkler Systems

Lawns should be watered on a regular basis. Many homeowners, however, simply forget this task. Hiring a lawn company to install an in-ground sprinkler system will ensure the plants get enough water throughout the year.

Tree services do much more than care for trees. They are also experienced in other forms of lawn care, including pruning, weed removal, pest control, and sprinkler systems. Be sure to Contact Spokane Pro Care to find out more about the specialized services they offer.

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