Learning About Household Centipedes in Marlboro, NJ

Aug 31, 17 Learning About Household Centipedes in Marlboro, NJ

Centipedes in Marlboro NJ are generally harmless and do not indicate anything about the cleanliness of the home. However, they may be somewhat more common in homes with dark, quiet spaces that don’t get cleaned. Corners of floors in basements and linen closets are examples of places where centipedes like to hide. Centipedes also tend to take up residence in homes with dark, damp areas. That also can include basements as well as crawlspaces with concrete or dirt floors.

Features of Centipedes

Centipedes come in a range of sizes. The larger ones tend to be scariest for people who are unnerved by multi-legged arthropods scurrying across the floor. Each body segment except the last one has one pair of legs, which is why the number of legs can appear so alarming to humans. As they zip out of sight, the larger centipedes may appear to have a hundred or more legs.

Beneficial Centipede Activity

It probably doesn’t help to learn that Centipedes in Marlboro NJ are technically beneficial in homes, as they kill and eat juvenile and adult bugs that nobody wants in the household, such as cockroaches, bedbugs, and moths. They chomp on ants, termites, and silverfish. Silverfish actually look a bit like centipedes but, as insects, they only have six legs.

Eliminating the Bug Problem

Entomologists may find centipedes intriguing, beneficial, and even beautiful in appearance. It’s difficult for the average person to feel this way when they see critters slithering rapidly out of a bathtub drain or under a closet door that’s rarely opened. Since they don’t want to share a living space with the creatures, they may call for professional pest control to eliminate the problem.

A consideration when choosing to call a company such as Freehold Pest Control for assistance is that, if centipedes live in the home, the bugs are finding something to eat. That indicates additional problems with insects and other bug species that household residents probably don’t want to think about. Pest control technicians use effective strategies that eliminate populations not only of centipedes but of ants, silverfish, and many other unwanted types of vermin.

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