The Importance of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Aug 31, 17 The Importance of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI)

Once you know that you need to file for social security disability insurance, it is imperative that you bring in a legal expert to help you get the process started and to reduce the time needed to complete it. SSDI is only one of many benefits which you qualify for once you receive social security benefits, but a large portion of those who file a claim are denied at the initial claims stage. The best way to avoid any problems and to expedite the time you must wait before receiving the help you need, you need to hire a dedicated attorney capable of supporting you and providing reliable legal advice.

What It Is

Social security disability insurance is a benefit of Social Security designed to offer compensation to workers who sustained a serious injury or contracted an illness. These type of issues may occur at any moment and never come with any warning, meaning that you may be a perfectly able-bodied individual one morning and then find yourself permanently disabled by the afternoon of the same day. If you can no longer work due to such ailments, require help for 12 or more months, and are not at retirement age, you can get help from a professional at to ensure that you get the insurance you need to cover your medical treatments.


It may be that you will eventually recover from your illness or injury but will be unable to work for a least a year, and you can receive social security disability insurance during that time. However, there are many qualifications which you must meet to ensure your acceptance, and this is why you need a qualified attorney by your side from start to finish. Not only will they know which documentation and paperwork to file, but they will also make sure that you benefit from the maximum chance of approval at the initial claims stage of the process, to avoid an appeal later.

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