Learning about Overhead Garage Door Sterling Options

Apr 03, 12 Learning about Overhead Garage Door Sterling Options

Garage doors have certainly come a long way compared to the simple doors that were used years ago. In the past drivers were forced to exit the vehicle in order to close and open the garage. For most people this was a real inconvenience, especially those living in smaller spaces. Fortunately, because of advancements in technology there have been numerous changes to garage door designs. You’ll find a wide variety of styles and models to select from. Your overhead garage door Sterling dealer will help you find one meeting your requirements

Different Styles of Garage Doors
Some garage doors move up and over, others swing out and roll on a track. Every style will have its own characteristics along with advantages or disadvantages. Most people will select a garage door based on their individual preferences and needs. A roller garage door is best suited usually for a smaller garage or homes having little space. These are perfect if the driveway leading from the garage is small or the space is needed for other purposes. Additionally, these can be remote controlled for convenience and are constructed of lightweight materials, such as aluminum.

Overhead Garage Doors
The overhead door is suitable for a garage having a larger area. This kind of door is made of one piece and simply swings up in order to open it. Because of this, you’ll need enough space to close and open this type door. A sectional model is made of a variety of materials including plastic and aluminum. Quite often these will have window panes as well.

Other Styles and Designs
A swing-hung door is a classic kind of model that typically is stylish and very elegant. They are suitable as well for big spaces and need plenty of space around them. The installation of a swing-hung door should be considered as this type is not just elegant, but is also very durable and typically lasts for many years when the garage has plenty of space.

Automated Systems
The automatic prefab style has quickly becoming very popular as of late. Although they also look attractive, these are relatively less costly than other comparable models. Also, an automatic door is simple to use, having several key security features and options. They operate very quietly and smoothly and can be installed easily. Your overhead garage door Sterling specialist will help you find the perfect door matching your home and budget.



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