Let a Used Crane Truck Bear Your Heavy Load

Crane trucks are a necessary piece of equipment in industries where heavy loads need to be moved from one location to another. If your business requires loading and unloading materials that could weigh tons, like tree removal or large pallets of bricks and other building material, consider adding a used crane truck to your fleet. In the construction industry, think steel girders, beams and boulders that are impossible to move by hand. Truck mounted cranes are must a must have piece of heavy equipment in disaster situations like storm damage cleanup.

Improved Lifting Capacity
Lifting very heavy objects high into the air and setting them into position can be difficult. A new or used crane truck deploys outriggers, or hydraulic jacks, that when lowered, stabilize the load and support the weight when the boom is extended. The boom uses a heavy chain and hook and swivels to pick up materials and load or offload them into position. Without outriggers the tires might explode or the truck would tip over if the weight you’re trying to lift is heavier than the truck itself. Now the load is supported by the outriggers and not the tires. Crane operators use factory-calculated charts to determine the maximum safe loads for stationary work. Depending on factors such as the size of the truck, the lifting capacity can range from about 14 to over 1000 short tons.

Know Before You Invest in a Used Commercial Vehicle
If you are in the market for a used crane truck you need to consider the number of hours the vehicle has been used as well as the mileage. A study done by a large lumber company found that about 90,000 miles is the sweet spot for used heavy equipment vehicles. After another 90,000 miles you may count on investing in some major maintenance. Also, one that has obviously been used and abused is probably not a good buy. Are the tires in good condition? If not, you’re looking at an extra few thousand dollars easily when they need to be replaced. Make sure you know the history of the truck. For example, you could purchase “as-is” at an auction and save money up front but you won’t know what you’re getting. Purchasing from a reputable dealer ensures that your equipment will give you years of reliable service.

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