Lincoln Park Chiropractic Myths Debunked

by | Aug 6, 2015 | Health

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Most people have heard something about chiropractors that isn’t true, but it can sometimes be difficult to determine which things are true and which aren’t. If you live in Lincoln Park, you’ve probably noticed chiropractic offices around, but may worry about trying them, on the off-chance that they won’t work. While most people think that a chiropractor is just a massage therapist, they can offer much more.

Not Like A Doc

Because chiropractors typically employ holistic practices, they are usually seen as different from a traditional doctor. However, chiropractors that are licensed must still go to medical school and end up doing more classroom hours in total than a doctor will. Therefore, it could be said that a chiropractor and a physician are similar, even if their methods are slightly different.

Back Pain Only

While all chiropractors can help with back pain, they can do much more. It isn’t fair to assume that they are limited to one area of the body, when they can help with all areas of the body, such as the back, knees, feet, and ankles. They can also help with many various ailments, such as arthritis, sleep disorders, and bursitis, so it’s fair to say they can treat many of the same problems as traditional doctors, without the added medication and expense.


Some people refuse to see a chiropractor because they believe them to be more expensive than the doctor. However, a regular doctor’s visit usually costs a lot more, what with co-pays and medication. You will likely find a chiropractor to charge around $60 to $70 a visit though you are more likely to get good deals with a chiropractor than with a doctor. Therefore, the cost is typically considered similar or slightly less than a traditional physician.

Painful Adjustments

Typically, you will find that the chiropractor does an adjustment to your spine, which can alleviate many problems. Some people believe that there is some discomfort, though most people feel nothing negative at all. In most cases, you will feel a lot better and will feel more relief than when you went in, meaning the treatment is immediate.

No Benefits

While there are some that feel that chiropractors can’t do anything for them, they treat everyone, regardless of age or ability. They treat senior citizens and professional athletes, and will work with you one-on-one to find a regimen that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Chiropractic care in Lincoln Park has received a bad name, but many are myths. Visit the today to learn more about their practice or call for an appointment.

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