Modern and contemporary house design

Modern house design and contemporary design are very similar as they both uses common design concepts such as an irregular shape, open floor plans, glass walls and the use of “green” or repurposed components. Modern house design often incorporates an organic concept where the house fits with the surrounding space.

Many people have found that the architectural designs of the mid 20th century to be too impersonal. Using design concepts from this era, architects today have developed a style which incorporates the indoor-outdoor concept but adds touches which bring a sense of warmth into the space. Natural light plays a large role in the design; large expanses of glass are an easily recognized feature of today’s modern house design.

A strong component of today’s modern home is the emphasis placed on energy efficiency and the expanded use of sustainable materials as well as recycled materials, adherence to these concepts makes these homes eco-friendly. Architects and custom house builders attempt to integrate the home into the natural surroundings as much as possible. This integrated concept extends for the exterior landscaping through to the interior design and environment. In many cases the house is designed around a prominent exterior feature, the landscaping tends to favor local flora and inside the house can make extensive use of sustainable materials such as bamboo flooring and granite tops in the kitchen and baths.

In the past designs were accomplished using paper and pencil along with the typical tools of a draftsman. Today, these tools have been replaced with CAD, computer aided design which allows the architect to produce designs that are precise, artistic and efficient. When buildings are designed by computer it is possible for a virtual walkthrough the house, this allows the designer to identify any areas which are not intrinsically safe and may be the cause of an accident once the house is occupied. The end result is an attractive home, safe to live in and the time for the design to be solidifies is compressed.

The designers of these modern homes are keen on incorporating pre-used materials in fresh and innovative .ways. It would not be unusual to see floor fans or floor lights that date back to industrial buildings of 75 years ago.

Modern house design is exemplified by Architect Phil Kean. Phil’s designs incorporate innovative and sustainable concepts which result in dramatic and unique living spaces. You are invited to visit the web site of WayCool Homes, Inc.

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