Need a Reasonably Priced, Adaptable Property Manager?

Choosing the right property management company calls for extensive research.  Interested owners normally have questions about how they would benefit from it.  Some of the most common questions regard fees and the overall services provided by qualified property managers.  Management is not meant for everyone, and not every owner particularly enjoys the work that accompanies it.  Others do not feel they are equipped to handle the stress of a managerial role.  Some investors may have a large portfolio they can no longer keep track of without help or own properties located miles apart from one another.  If any of the above mentioned resembles your situation, hiring a property manager could be the best course of action for you.

No Surprise Charges
Prices for property management services vary from company to company, naturally.  However, the typical starting rate is about five percent of gross revenue and may steadily increase up to 10 percent.  Unfortunately, many companies charge hidden fees, and therefore, it is important to search for a company that offers a structured, easy to understand payment plan.  Fortunately, it may not be necessary for you to shop around extensively for the services of a property manager.  Columbia specialists provide a lengthy list of services to investors for a straightforward rate.

Meets Your Needs
The services you require from a management company may be specific or comprehensive and will be touched upon in the contract you draw up with the company you choose.  Generally, property managers take care of the duties a landlord would normally fulfill, including tenant screening, leasing, inspections, lease enforcement, repairs, remodeling, eviction, finances, and more.  As the owner, you may have certain preferences regarding tenant selection, lease agreements, or finances.  For example, some owners request a manager consult them before choosing tenants.  Or, an owner may ask that a manager handle their mortgage payments on their behalf.  While the job of a property manager is detail oriented, there is still room for flexibility.

For a company that offers fair prices and customer satisfaction, consult Real Property Management.  With a simplistic payment plan and broad array of services guaranteed to benefit your investment, you can rest easy knowing you have made the best selection.

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