Opportunities With A Divorce Mediation Attorney In New Market

Aug 09, 17 Opportunities With A Divorce Mediation Attorney In New Market

In Maryland, mediation is a process provided when a couple cannot reach an agreement in a divorce. The process is the last step available before a divorce trial is scheduled. If the couple doesn’t complete mediation successfully, the couple must attend a divorce trial. A divorce trial could last up to two years to complete. A Divorce Mediation Attorney in New Market prevents this unwanted outcome for divorcing couples.

Negotiating for Marital Property

The first step is to negotiate the division of all marital property. Each party could identify what assets and properties they want to obtain. They can review options that could give them both benefits in the end. For example, the couple could share the marital home based on which party has custody of their child.

Child Support and Custody Arrangements

They review child custody arrangements based on the most suitable plan for the child. The couple must identify a plan that gives them both equal time with their children. Support payments are calculated according to the income and earning capacity of each party. In a case in which sole custody is provided, only one parent has the legal right to made decisions about the child.

Protecting Personal Properties and Assets

Any property that either party owned before the marriage is secured through the divorce typically. As long as the asset wasn’t used as marital property, it is safe from the acquisition. However, if the property was used as the family home, it is possible for either party to acquire it.

Acquiring Alimony After a Lengthy Marriage

Alimony is awarded only if the couple has been married for at least ten years. The support is provided when the former spouse cannot achieve the same standard of living after the divorce. It is either temporary or permanent based on the spouse’s needs.

In Maryland, mediation is the final step before a divorce trial is required. It is a lengthy meeting between the couple and their legal counsel. They negotiate the terms of the divorce agreement and final decisions. Couples who need help contact a Divorce Mediation Attorney in New Market or visit Russellandheffner.com for more info now.

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