Pack Rat Damage? A Rodent Control Company in Saugus MA Can Eliminate Them

May 24, 19 Pack Rat Damage? A Rodent Control Company in Saugus MA Can Eliminate Them

Living in Massachusetts can be a challenging experience when it comes to dealing with rodents. This is especially true of pack rats. More than one Massachusetts resident has had their car engine damaged by a pack rat. Not only is this an expensive mechanical issue, it’s an unsanitary condition that can lead to life-threatening conditions. As soon as a homeowner sees that they’ve got a pack rat problem, they should hire professional company experienced in Rodent Control in Saugus MA. The well-trained technician will carefully inspect the home and grounds to determine the infestation pattern. Pack rats also love to chew on home wiring and swimming pool equipment.

Effective rodent control requires a comprehensive series of baiting stations. It’s not enough to eliminate rodents in area of active infestation. Support areas that provide nesting spots also have to be found. If these regions aren’t neutralized, the pack rats and other rodents will keep returning. Homeowners are often concerned about the chemicals used in these baiting station. Professionals that provide Rodent Control Companies in Saugus MA use chemicals that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. These are designed so that they only kill the rodents and have no secondary poisoning impact. Secondary poisoning occurs when a scavenger, such as a bird, eats the mice and is killed as well. The bait is also placed in a latched bait station so that children and pets can’t reach it.

Because of the potent chemicals that are used, homeowners should hire respected companies that have been providing these services for years. They know when they hire the locally-owned Alamo Pest Control Environment Services, LLC. Company that they are hiring a company that only sends out trained technicians. Massachusetts has a unique climate and environment. With over 40 years in the region, Cummings professionals know how to adapt extermination techniques to the local conditions. They are aware of the pervasive and deadly Hantavirus that is found in rodent droppings. Once they have ended the rodent infestation, they can safely clean and sanitize the area. Homeowners can then set up a maintenance program that will keep their home and grounds safe from rodents, insects and other pests.

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