Packing Correctly Will Make Self Storage Units In MB A Success

In an age where people are continuously moving from one spot to another, the use of Self Storage Units in MB has sky-rocketed. However, before you pack up your belongings and stack them in unit, there are some tips you should take into consideration, first.

1. To maximize your unit space, pack to the ceiling. However, keep in mind this tactic can be hazardous should you need to access your belongings frequently. If, on the other hand, you simply need to pack your items away for a long period of time, try to use all the same size boxes, evenly distributing the weight. Even if you place a larger box on the bottom, know it can and post probably will crush under the weight of multiple heavy boxes on top of it.

2. Avoid the temptation to pack in large plastic bags. First of all, they’re difficult to stack. Secondly, they not sturdy, often opening and allowing moisture to enter.

3. Fill boxes to capacity, but not too full, as they could burst. If odd shaped items are in the box, stuff the areas with bubble wrap or towels to help boxes retain their shape.

4. To avoid mirrors, framed artwork and photographs breaking, use masking tape to make giant Xs across the front, wrap in bubble wrap before packing in boxes and then store vertically, not horizontally

5. Label boxes well on multiple sides of the boxes. General information such as “kitchen” is not sufficient, instead, itemize “kitchen pots and pans and bread maker”.

6. Shelves are a great idea, taking the brunt of the weight of the boxes, and helping to avoid crushed boxes in the future. However, it’s important to note shelves will take up more space and you may not be able to pack as much into your St. Anne’s Self Storage unit.

7. Climate controlled units are worth their weight in gold if your budget will allow it. They help avoid mold, mildew and the effects of extreme temperatures on your items.

8. If you do not have climate controlled units, do NOT store candles in your unit. They will most definitely melt.

Whether you’re utilizing Self Storage Units in MB for a month or two or for years at a time, the packing of your items will determine the success of your venture.

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