Paying For Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers

by | Oct 16, 2020 | Health

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Going through rehab for alcohol or drug addiction can be overwhelming for many people and families. One of the biggest reasons why addicts don’t check into drug and alcohol treatment centers is because they believe that they can’t afford the treatment or it would pose an undue hardship on an already struggling family.

The reality is that there are many different options that may cover some or all of the cost of attending drug and alcohol treatment centers. Understanding how and if you are eligible for support to go through the treatment program can be instrumental in helping to make the decision to lead a sober life.

Private Insurance

The different drug and alcohol treatment centers will work with most types of private insurance provided the policy covers the treatment. The vast majority of both PPO and HMO plans will cover a percentage of your treatment. The amount covered will vary on your provider and policy.

With most private insurance you will need to be pre-approved to enter drug and alcohol treatment centers and have the insurance company pay some of the cost. Check with your insurance provider for the specific coverage offered on your policy.

No Insurance

For those people that have no insurance and limited or no cash on hand to pay for treatment, coverage through specific programs may still be possible. The United States Department of Health and Human Services may provide program options that you can consider. The state substance abuse agency is the Division of Behavioral Health Services. They can be contacted online or by phone.

Private Pay

For people that do not want to use insurance or that don’t have insurance that covers drug or alcohol rehab programs, private pay may be an option to consider. The cost, when compared to the health issues associated with the addiction and the devastation in your life, is very small. You also have the option of how long you want to commit to attending drug and alcohol treatment centers.

For residential programs you can choose a shorter duration stay of 30 days and then extend it longer based on your progress and needs.  Drug counselors and intake specialists at drug and alcohol treatment centers can help you evaluate the possible options you have to cover the cost of your treatment. We will discuss your options and our fee schedule to attend one of our drug and alcohol treatment centers. For more information contact Drug Treatment 4U.

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