Pediatric Care Specialists in Hudson WI Provide Treatment for Croup

Jan 25, 21 Pediatric Care Specialists in Hudson WI Provide Treatment for Croup

Children who develop the viral upper respiratory infection known as croup have the definitive symptom of a loud barking cough. If more worrisome symptoms such as a high fever or difficulty breathing occur, parents should bring the child to pediatric care specialists in Hudson WI.

A pediatrician may prescribe one dose of the corticosteroid dexamethasone, which is the standard treatment for croup. This medicine significantly reduces inflammation. Epinephrine through a nebulizer also may be provided by pediatric care specialists in Hudson WI.

Parents may wonder whether they should give the youngster a cough suppressant medication. Prescription cough medicine contains codeine, and physicians typically discourage giving this sedative to children. Over-the-counter suppressants prevent the child from coughing up phlegm produced with this illness.

Suppressants directly affect the brain, shutting down the coughing reflex. Phlegm continues to accumulate, and this can worsen the situation. Through coughing, the body is doing what it needs to clear away phlegm. It’s best not to interfere with that. In general, healthcare providers typically recommend avoiding suppressants if the cough is productive and bringing up or loosening mucus.

An expectorant medication might help, however. An expectorant helps loosen phlegm so the patient’s chest doesn’t feel tight and congested. That doesn’t immediately stop the coughing, though. Some coughing is necessary for this process to work. After consulting with the pediatrician, parents should look for medicine containing guaifenesin and no other active ingredients.

To schedule a same-day appointment for a child with croup, parents may find contact information for the clinic Pediatric And Young Adult Medicine at

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