Personalized Interior Design With Custom Wallpaper

by | Nov 3, 2014 | Home Improvement

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Do you yearn for your walls to look like the stone walls of a medieval castle? Have you ever seen a painting or mural that you wish you could repeat over and over in a room of your home? Are you looking for the perfect sunset to add to the tropical island décor of a specific area of your house? There are so many possibilities when you let your imagination run wild and, with custom wallpaper, any of them can be used in your home without a detrimental hit to your savings.

A One-of-a-Kind Look

Using custom wallpaper means that your home will be entirely unique. You can design the wallpaper yourself with photos or your own artwork or you can hire a designer to do what you don’t believe that you can. The types of materials, colors, and styles that are available for you to choose from for your design means that there is no end to the options for the look that you want to create. When you’re finished, every guest that comes into your home will be amazed by what you’ve done and they’ll have no idea that it was as easy as handing off a design to someone who made your wallpaper and then smoothing it onto the wall.

A Child’s Imagination

Playrooms and children’s bedrooms are often a place in the house where we like to go a little crazy with the interior design. Spark your child’s cognitive thinking skills and let their imaginations develop in grand strides by adding custom wallpaper to the special design of their space. You can use favorite paintings that you want them to learn about, educational themes, or even their favorite characters from cinema and television.

Create a Paradise

The library to which you’ve included antiques and leather chairs can look like something straight out of the Renaissance with the right custom wallpaper. Your home office can become an island paradise with a beautiful sunset spanning the wall across from your desk. The living room might look like a cozy woodland cottage with custom wallpaper that makes it seem like you’re sitting in a log cabin. Let the natural light in your dining room fall on wallpaper that looks like the walls of a stone castle, complete with arched windows and vines crawling up to the ceiling so that every time you entertain feels like walking into a royal courtyard.

Other Uses

Custom wallpaper doesn’t have to enhance only your home. Some designers will incorporate your business’s logo or other marketing tools into your wallpaper so that patrons can see what you’re all about as soon as they walk into your lobby. Classrooms or daycare centers can use the same principles used to decorate a child’s bedroom for custom wallpaper that gives a distinguished look to their educational space. You’ll always feel like you’re place is all your own when you choose to design your own wallpaper and it’s easier than you could ever believe!

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