Planning Your Event: Private Dining in Gaithersburg

by | May 21, 2014 | Business

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It can be a hassle to find just the right location for your event. You want to find a place large enough to accommodate your party, but with amenities to keep everyone comfortable to have an excellent time. Private Dining in Gaithersburg shouldn’t be a problem if you find the right location for your occasion. With the right amount of planning, your event can go off without a hitch.

First you need to determine how many people will be attending. Will there be a set guest list or will it be a bit more informal? This is important information to know in order to plan the menu. Do you want a formal set menu? Set menus are excellent for setting the tone of the evening, while allowing the guests to focus on your function. However, if you want to set a more laid back tone, you may want to consider a buffet style menu. Buffets encourage interaction between members of your party since they will be moving about and socializing. Buffets also provide your guests with a range of edible options. Some people like to try a little bit of everything and this style of catering is ideal for them.

Once you decide the size of your party and menu style for your party you need to start looking for a location. You want to pick a restaurant that will work with you to customize your occasion. Planning can be stressful, so you will want to pick a restaurant that will take away rather than add from that stress. Choose a locale that has experience with private parties and a welcoming atmosphere.

Meet with the restaraunt’s event coordinator. Are they friendly? Do they give you options to help personalize your experience? Walk through their rooms to ensure they have the necessary space to fit your needs. You have a few options when looking for Private Dining in Gaithersburg. One restaurant that has had several positive reviews is The Potomac Grill. This establishment has a variety of menu options and has private rooms to accommodate your party. You can Click Here for more information on The Potomac Grill. Once you have a menu style and venue decided you can start planning the rest of your for your function.

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