Points to Consider With Landscape Design in Long Island NY

Should everything be graded until the terrain is level, or should the landscaping incorporate those slopes, valleys, and other elements? The answer is not just about appearance, but also about function. In some instances, the variance in levels across the grounds may actually help to prevent water from standing after heavy rains. The natural lay of the land could also help to prevent erosion in the years to come.

When it comes to making some changes to the look of the front and back yards, homeowners sometimes need some help in deciding what elements stay and what needs to go. This is where working with an expert in landscape design in Long Island NY comes in handy. A professional can evaluate the features of the outdoor space and help the homeowner come up with a specific plan of action. Slopes, Peaks, and ValleysWhen the grounds are not exactly level, the homeowner has a decision to make.

A professional can determine if there are practical reasons to stick with the uneven ground levels and suggest ways to incorporate them into the general landscape design in Long Island NY. Maintenance LevelAnother factor to consider is the amount of maintenance the homeowner is willing to put into the grounds once they are finished. For people who like to putter around in the garden or enjoy lawn work, including elements that require more attention is certainly an option. When the goal is to develop a landscape that is attractive but requires very little in the way of maintenance, a professional can certainly make this happen. To achieve the desired goal, the landscaper may introduce natural elements other than greenery.

For people who love to garden, this will mean including islands and beds that are loaded with blooming flora and fauna. When the goal is simplicity and easy upkeep, this may mean adding plenty of stone walkways, evergreens that need minimal attention year round, and even ground cover that does not require trimming very often. Residential landscaping is not just about planting a few trees and hedges. it’s possible to have a professional look at the grounds, discuss how the owner would like to use the land, and then come up with a design that is practical and also visually appealing.

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