Get Rid of Stress with Oxytocin

Stress is something all of us experience on a daily basis, some more than others. From having to deal with family matters, work issues and other challenges, stress is inevitable. However, one should understand that stress can kill, if not managed appropriately. Stress drives individuals to act erratically at times.  When people are threatened with the trials of life, they tend to choose the response of fight or flight. In reality, it is not good to ignore stress and hope that it goes away. It is better to deal with it right away, even if you have to go to therapy.

Everyone produces a natural hormone called oxytocin. It helps us handle stress and relationships in the proper way. Some individuals produce more of this natural hormone than others based on many factors. When it is not produced in sufficient amounts, doctors may prescribe external oxytocin in the form of a pills, a spray or drops to help the individual cope with the stresses of life.

What Is Oxytocin?

In 1909, Henry Dale discovered oxytocin. He was able to identify that the hormone was formed in the pituitary gland and helped women to cope with the pain of labor during child birth. It also encouraged the production of breast milk in new mothers. Oxytocin is a Greek word that means “swift birth.” This is certainly an appropriate description since it does help women during labor in child birth. Vincent du Vigneaud later studied this concept closely and was able to identify that oxytocin was helpful in other areas, including:

* Help to create meaningful relationships
* Enhance feelings
* Improve sleep patterns
* Reduce stress level

Application of Oxytocin

Oxytocin can be applied to your daily life, if you are not naturally producing enough. One supplement can be administered in two fundamental forms: nasally and by drops under the tongue. An oxytocin nasal spray enters the system by breathing it in after it is sprayed into the nostrils.

The drops are also easy to use. Placed under the tongue sublingually, it enters the mucus membrane and travels into the body’s system. It takes only 15 minutes for both to take effect when applied and each method lasts for several hours. This doesn’t replace the natural hormones of the body; it simply enhances the production of the natural oxytocin.

The body is aware of its ability to produce natural oxytocin and will trigger different responses to allow for relaxation to fight against stressful situations and to put the person in a better mood. The individual who feels stressed will be able to come up with viable solutions thanks to naturally produced oxytocin. However, when the production of this hormone is low, the individual may need that extra help from our oxytocin and sterile water package.

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