Possible Elements of Front Yard Landscaping in Yorba Linda CA to Consider

Sep 16, 19 Possible Elements of Front Yard Landscaping in Yorba Linda CA to Consider

Front yard landscaping in Yorba Linda CA is often significantly different than backyard landscaping. The backyard often is viewed as a place where homeowners want to have private time. In contrast, a front yard is normally viewed as a friendlier, social area. Neighbors chat with each other, and people wave to and talk with passersby.

Numerous Purposes

A home’s front yard landscaping in Yorba Linda CA serves numerous purposes. It welcomes the household residents home after they’ve been out and about, especially after a rough day at work. It’s inviting to guests who look forward to spending time with relatives and friends. It provides an aesthetically pleasing area for people to view as they travel through the neighborhood in a vehicle, on a bicycle or on foot.

The Street Side

Front yards also technically include the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street on properties where there is a municipal sidewalk. Property owners are expected to maintain this bit of grass even though it’s at least partially owned by the municipality. In many municipalities, property owners are allowed to plant trees on this strip of land, but the city can cut the trees down if street improvements become necessary. Local governments hold the rights to this land so they can widen the street or make other changes.

Commonly, even if there is no sidewalk here, the municipality still has the right of way for several feet into the front yard for those same reasons. For this reason, many homeowners don’t plant trees there. If a sidewalk is ever to be constructed, those trees will have to go.


Some kinds of hardscaping may be desirable at the front part of the house. An attractive retaining wall might be built if the property has a significant slope in front. A private sidewalk from the front door to the driveway is another example. Tall fences usually are not allowed in this particular area of residential properties because of zoning regulations, but shorter decorative fences and barriers typically are acceptable. A lovely 3-ft. wall of brick or stone might be constructed by a contractor such as West Hills Masonry. Contact us with any questions.

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