Prevent Kitchen Sink Clogs by Knowing Three of the Common Culprits

Mar 04, 21 Prevent Kitchen Sink Clogs by Knowing Three of the Common Culprits

Clogs are one of the biggest plumbing problems with sinks because you constantly use them to clean dishes. Sometimes, clogs can be reminded with plungers, but more serious clogs need professional kitchen sink plumbing in Northbrook, IL. It helps to know what causes clogs to avoid future problems.

Fat, Oil and Grease

Fat oil grease, or FOG, is the primary culprit of clogged sinks. You may pour them in the sink because you think they will stay hot. However, in their cool state, they turn into wax that sticks to the pipes.

Many food items you use could cause a clog including eggshells, rice, meat, butter, and coffee grounds. To avoid issues, label jars you use to collect oil and leave a note reminding others not to pour grease in the sink.

Soap Scum and Hair

Some people wash their hair in the kitchen sink for convenience and better cleaning. However, like your shower drain, it will eventually form into clumps and block the drain.

Many soaps are made of caustic substances that may erode pipes. Install a drain guard to catch hair and soap scum, and attempt to dislodge clumps in the pipe with a drain auger, a flexible plumbing tool with a hooked end.


Children commonly get curious and want to see if something floats, then they forget to remove it or let it fall down the drain. Marbles, toy cars, and balls tend to be the usual culprits. Sometimes, adults accidentally drop objects down a drain, such as jewelry.

You can usually retrieve small objects by removing the P-trap or using a snake. Teach kids what not to put in the sink, and keep stoppers inserted as reminders.

Prevention is the best solution for drain clogs, but you still may need kitchen sink plumbing in Northbrook, IL. If you can’t remove the clog, visit at BMW Plumbing,Inc.

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