Problems that Require Transmission Repair in Fort Worth, TX

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Repair

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The car’s transmission is a key part of the operation of the car. The purpose of the transmission is to allow the car to operate at all different speeds. It is a series of gears that helps with providing the necessary torque to propel the car. When there are problems with the transmission, the car does not properly shift gears. This can hurt the engine and the power that the car has. These type of problems should be looked at by D & J Automotive and Performance Repair Shop in Fort Worth, TX.

One of the things that can go wrong with the transmission and require Transmission Repair in Fort Worth TX is the smell of burning transmission fluid. This smell often indicates a leak or very low levels of fluid. This type of problem needs to be addressed quickly because it can lead to a total burnout. It also adds to the price tag of getting it fixed since it is very likely that you will need a new transmission.

Another thing that could signal a problem is how the transmission sounds during shifting. Mechanical noises signal that some of the gears could be failing. Unfortunately, it is often hard to diagnosis mechanical noises in the engine. So, it does require some investigation before the actual problem is solved. Not all mechanical sounds will signal a problem with the transmission. You should get all strange mechanical sounds checked out.

A rough transition between gears is another sign that you probably need Transmission Repair in Fort Worth TX. Transmissions are designed to shift smoothly between each gear level. However if this transition becomes shaky, rough or doesn’t seem to want to switch, you really need to get the transmission checked out as quickly as possible. A transmission failure on the road could spell disaster.

The car’s transmission is an essential component of the car. The engine relies on it to change the speeds in the car. Once you detect a problem in this system, you should take the car in to the repair shop. Getting it fixed is important to preventing future damage to the car.

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