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by | Aug 16, 2023 | Cosmetic Surgery

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Chicago lip fillers should always look amazing and come with little to no side effects. Experts at established clinics can help you with a quality lip filler procedure. Some clinics offer lip filler as part of a large variety of dermatology, cosmetic, and surgical options. These clinics will have experienced experts and doctors with a local reputation for quality and good taste. You can achieve the look you want using a variety of lip filler options. Doctors and cosmetic professionals have surgical and non-surgical lip fillers.

You may opt for lip filler that uses your own fat. There are several widely available acid-based fillers that are popular because they create an exceptionally smooth look. The filler is injected with a thin needle just underneath the skin using an acid, various other chemicals, or even collagen. This type of filler is convenient for busy clients because it takes about half an hour. Many popular filler ingredients are patented and have other healthcare applications. Recovery time is usually a few days and will include minor swelling with minimal discomfort for most clients.

Grafting fat as a lip filler is a bit more complex. Your treatment team will remove fat from another part of your body using liposuction before injecting it as a lip filler. This is an intense procedure that will require about two weeks of rest.

Individual results vary with lip filler. Always be sure to talk to your dermatologist about any acne issues, allergies, or other conditions. Your treatment team can help you choose the right treatment while making adjustments based on your individual results and health.

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