Reaching Recovery with Equine Therapy

by | Aug 4, 2014 | Drug Rehabilitation

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Addiction can grab hold tight of a person’s life. They often lose control of who they once were. Many thoughts and actions can revolve around the addiction. This can cause many to lose much of what they once had or loved. Removing the addiction from their lives can help them on a path back to who they were. However, this is a difficult and long process that can often lead to failure. This is often due to a recovery plan that is not right for the individual. With the right forms of therapy and treatment, tailored to the individual, a more successful outlook is possible. One such type of treatment that can be used to help with addiction is Equine Therapy.

Many people begin using drugs or alcohol for different reasons. Addiction can be a very different thing from one person to the next. Often, people can forget, or never learned, how to function without the addiction. This can make a generalized recovery program unsuccessful for many individuals. At Ranch Creek Recovery, they understand the differences between the individual and their addiction. They offer many different forms of treatment to suit each person. This includes many programs to help rebuild a person’s ability to function without their addiction. They utilize holistic therapies, as well as, experimental therapies to help personalize the treatment plan to the individual. Some options available include Equine Therapy, yoga, and acupuncture.

Equine therapy is a form of therapy that uses horses. In this type of therapy, people can build interpersonal skills. Activities and goals around a horse can have a very therapeutic effect. Between caring for a horse and riding a horse, there are many different tasks and steps that must be taken. This helps the person focus on the task at hand, as well as, communicate with the therapist, as well as, the horse. This can have very beneficial effects for those who need to develop an addiction free life. Beating addiction is a long and hard road. It requires learning new skills and behaviours to help avoid the triggers to reuse. With a recovery plan tailored to the individual, the road to recovery can lead to a bright and successful addiction-free future.

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