Reasons to Consider an Accredited Animal Hospital in Murrieta CA

by | Aug 24, 2023 | Veterinarian

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Human hospitals are required to be accredited, but pet hospitals are not. However, the American Animal Hospital Association does accredit these hospitals because they believe in excellence and high-quality care to all pets. Approximately 900 standards are used to ensure accreditation, meaning your pet could have the best quality care possible in Murrieta CA.

What’s Included

Typically, the standards addressed can include patient care and pain management. They want to ensure that the patient, your pet, is cared for properly and has reduced pain when possible. They will also consider surgical needs, pharmacies, exam facilities, laboratories and the medical records. Emergency services, cleanliness, dental care, anesthesiology and diagnostic imaging are also noted if the facility in question offers those services.

Everything is checked every three years to ensure the facility is still offering quality services. If not, they will be given time to correct any problems or risk losing their accreditation.

Monitoring Equipment

Anesthesia is necessary for some procedures, but it is important that the facility understand how much to give and that health risks can evolve from using anesthesia. Therefore, the AAHA requires the anesthesia equipment be monitored periodically to ensure its safety.


The place you choose to help your pets should be willing and able to listen to your feedback, whether in person or through email. If you happen to have a problem, talk with the facility first and then decide whether more action is required. If you do require further action, you will need to talk with your state agency to find out how to go about it.

Prevent Disease

Humans have various ways of preventing diseases, such as washing hands frequently during flu and cold season. However, you may not realize that pets can also get contagious diseases, so it is important to note how hospitals will go about preventing those diseases.

How Accreditation Works

While vet hospitals aren’t required to be accredited, it goes a long way to show that the facility cares about your pet. Any institution can apply for accreditation, but they will likely spend months fine-tuning their systems and procedures to ensure they hold up to the AAHA’s quality standards.

Choosing A Vet

While you are not required to choose a vet that is AAHA accredited in Murrieta CA, it will likely be better for you and your pet to do so. Accredited hospitals will have an AAHA logo displayed somewhere on the website, as well as on the physical building.

An animal hospital in Murrieta CA should be accredited, so that you know they provide the best care for your pet. Browse SoCal Pet Hospital website today, as they are AAHA accredited and can help your furry friend.

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