Reasons to Consider Living in Gainesville Off-Campus Housing

Oct 22, 20 Reasons to Consider Living in Gainesville Off-Campus Housing

If you are heading off to college in the Gainesville area, you may be looking for a place to live. Here are some reasons why you should consider living in Gainesville off-campus housing.


You won’t get a lot of privacy if you live in a dorm. However, you can still get the full college experience if you live in off-campus housing. You will be able to enjoy your own bedroom and the privacy that you need. There’s also plenty of room for you to relax and not feel as if you are in a cramped space with a bunch of roommates.


You probably don’t want to deal with a long commute just to get to and from college. Some off-campus housing is located within walking distance to the University of Florida, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on anything that’s happening on campus. You’ll get the convenience of living close to campus without having to live in a dorm.


There may be a lot of amenities that you can use at the off-campus housing complex you live in. These amenities include a yoga studio, study rooms and a fitness center. All of these amenities are free for residents to use.

Gainesville off-campus housing is a great choice for students that want to have the full college experience while enjoying a variety of amenities without having to sacrifice convenience or privacy by living in a dorm. Contact Lark Gainesville to learn more.

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