Reasons Why Wood Wallpaper is Good For your US Home and the Environment

Nov 20, 19 Reasons Why Wood Wallpaper is Good For your US Home and the Environment

Since the 18th century, wallpaper has been used to cover walls. It has been a prominent decorative element for most homes. Instead of using tapestries, people during the Renaissance period resorted to wallpaper as it is cheaper. The different designs also make it very popular so are its different types like wood wallpaper, vinyl wallpaper, and liquid wallpaper among others.

With different types of wallpaper, why choose wood wallpaper?

It Comes in Different Designs

This type of wallpaper is made of reconstituted wood veneer. When we say reconstituted veneer, it means it is a man-made wood. The wood used for this wallpaper is not from an actual wood species. It belongs to a family of logs (ayous, poplar, spruce). A very thin portion of these logs is used to make this wallpaper. The cut part is then dyed. Different patterns of veneer strips are then glued to the dyed wallpaper.

Because it is a man-made wood, this is a cheaper alternative to the exotic wood species, making it an eco-friendly solution for people who want to enjoy the wood effect in their homes.

It is a Natural Insulation

This type of wallpaper is made of logs that come with a porous inner structure. It means it can store heat inside it, giving your home natural insulation. As natural insulation, having it at your walls means it requires low energy to make your room warmer on a cold night.

It Can Be Recycled

So, you got tired of your wood wallpaper design and decided to replace it. What can you do with the old one? You can easily turn the old ones into paper pulp or boards. If you don’t have anything to turn it into, just leave it somewhere else. After all, wood walls are biodegradable, and it won’t add to water or air pollution.

As compared to paint, wallpaper has more advantages when it comes to design so if you want a more vibrant home, choose your wallpaper today. Advantages such as types, ease of use and application, being eco-friendly, and can be personalized are among the reasons why wallpapers are getting more popular today.

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