Safety First: Window Repair on Long Island

Nov 11, 13 Safety First: Window Repair on Long Island

Everyone has it happen to them. If someone lives in a city that seems to be under continual construction, it may happen more than once. If a family lives in a rural area, it is just a fact of life. Auto glass, especially windshield glass needs to be replaced when it is chipped or broken. In fact, estimates are that 12 to 15 million windshields alone are replaced or repaired every year in the United States alone. Selecting a windshield repair shop that will get a driver or his family back on the road safely is an big decision. In this article, there are two questions to remember to ask the next time it happens to you.

1. Do they guarantee their work?
Quality work is important here because a windshield does a lot more than just protect you from wind and rain. A windshield is an integral part of the automobile’s safety system. A vehicle’s windshield is also the brace to the passenger-side air bag. If you’re ever in a roll-over accident, the windshield plays a critical role in protecting the passengers in the car from the roof crushing in. If your windshield were to lose its bond in a rollover or collision, it could compromise you and your family’s safety with potentially serious effect. This is why you really want to make sure that your windshield is installed by an accredited shop that will guarantee the quality of their work.

2. Will they repair or replace the windshield?
Both repair and replacement have their place. Repairing a windshield is an ideal and cost-effective solution when dealing with a small crack or chip and it is determined that they can be contained without loss of structural integrity. On the other hand, significant damage may have been done that looks minor on the surface, but that a trained technician can tell will eventually cause structural damage. In a case like this, you are far safer replacing the windshield. It is definitely more expensive, but it is safer in the long run.

If you have a chipped or broken windshield that you need evaluated, call Active Glass and Screen of East Meadow, NY ( They used AGRSS-certified glass and have technicians that are certified and trained in the evaluation and installation of all types of auto glass. They are a solid choice for

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