Seeking Credible Evidence Through A Criminal Attorney In Mahopac, NY

Feb 11, 14 Seeking Credible Evidence Through A Criminal Attorney In Mahopac, NY

A Criminal Attorney in Mahopac, NY represents anyone who is facing a criminal charge in which the accused does not wish to enter a plea of guilty. These charge range from traffic violations such as DWI and DUI to drug charges and murder. In cases in which the crime is classified as heinous or malicious in nature there is a high probability that the accused may not secure bail. Within these circumstances, it is necessary for the accused to hire an attorney to attempt to acquire release until the trial based on stipulations issued by the judge.

Seeking Credible Evidence

By presenting evidence that contradicts the prosecution’s case, your attorney can prove that you are not responsible for the crime for which you are accused. In cases in which the crimes are heinous and malicious in nature it is more likely that the prosecution will attempt to push for the maximum penalty upon conviction. When this is the case, your attorney may be fighting for not only your freedom but also your life.

Local Criminal Defense

Spain and Spain PC offer criminal defense services for individuals who are facing criminal charges that are considered heinous or malicious in nature. These attorneys will discuss the terms of release with the judge and arrange for bail to be posted. In these cases, the attorneys will work diligently to secure evidence to discredit the prosecution’s claim that you are guilty of this crime. Through effective criminal defense services, these attorneys will investigate all angles of this crime to discover a way to prove your innocence and prevent you from going to prison. To hire an attorney within this law field, call them at the number listed on their website promptly.


Your Criminal Attorney in Mahopac, NY investigates the circumstances of the crime for which you are accused. They will review the evidence presented by the prosecution and devise strategies to prevent a conviction. In cases where all evidence is circumstantial, the attorney can fight to have the charges dismissed by acquiring evidence that proves you were not at the scene of the crime and were not capable of committing this crime. Reasonable doubt is the key to avoiding a conviction and with evidentiary support that assists with this venture, your attorney file a motion to dismiss the charges.

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